Alewive's Brook Farm was purchased by Alvin E. Jordan in 1957. Shortly after purchasing the farm Alvin purchased several used tractors which are still used today in the day to day tasks that are done on the farm. For the next two decades Alewive's was in the wholesale business selling cabbage, lettuce, and squash to Hannaford, the Carr Brothers and other large local grocers. In the late 70's when grocers began to get their produce from the Midwest, Alewive's moved into the retail business.

Alewive's Brook Farm was run by Alvin and his son Jodie, who took over the day to day operations during the 1980's. The farm's next chapter lead Alewive's to Farmers Markets, where Jodie's wife Patricia and her cousin, Ellen would sell produce in Portland. Alewive's then opened the Market in 1980, when Jodie and Patricia welcomed his first son, Tucker.  The Market continued to succeed and the Jordan Family continued to grow as Jodie and Patricia welcomed their daughters Caitlin and Casey, and then their youngest son Lincoln.

Alewive’s continues to be run by Jodie, and now his daughter Caitlin has joined him in the day to day operations, along with his son Lincoln who has begun to apprentice with his father literally learning the lay of the land. Tucker continues to grow the lobstering side of the family business by expanding with Maine Lobster Boys and creating Lobster Tours.  

Photos: Top: Jodie and Patricia Jordan; Middle: Sunset on the farm during the summer; Bottom: View of the farm

We rebuilt our farm stand in 2017, the pictures below are of the original market that served our family well for nearly forty years. 


                                                                      (The orginal "Market" 1977- 2016)


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