Fresh Farm Raised Turkey

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We raise upwards of 200 turkeys a year. Call today to find out more about our Fresh Farm Raised Turkeys that will have people raving at your dinner table.

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Our turkeys enjoy two hearty meals a day, have a constant supply of water, and they are very chatty and vocal. Our turkeys are grown for flavor not to hit an objective weight goal, which is why our turkeys range from 10 pounds to 50 pounds.


Call to Reserve your own Fresh Farm Raised Turkey today 799-7743 or email us at  This season many people are watching (even this turkey)  and hoping that people will have an all local Thanksgiving.


Remember Christmas is an excellent time to cook up Turkey for dinner, our Turkeys taste just as good when they are frozen for Christmas Dinner. So if you are going out of town for Thanksgiving, don't miss out on Fresh Farm Raised Turkey, have it at Christmas time.

         Order your Thanksgiving Turkey Now