Summer CSA 2024

Support more than local, Support a Way of Life ! 

Are you a Garden Grower, or a Lobster Boat Lover! Perhaps you care to be a Tractor Traveler.  We have levels for everyone, you can be a Farm Stand Friend or a Seafood Supporter. Pick what is best for you and your family.

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What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, which means that one’s community invests in a farm, by providing them with the operating capital to purchase the necessary supplies, such as seeds and potting soil to get plants going in the greenhouse.

(A new Generation falling in love with the ocean)

What is a CSL?

CSL stands for Community Supporting Lobstermen, which is very similar to a CSA, by purchasing a share now before the peak of lobstering season begins; the community is providing lobstermen with the needed capital to invest in new traps or gear.  


 How Does Your Share work?

Here at Alewive’s Brook Farm, because of the unique passions of the Jordan family, you are able to purchase a CSA and CSL in one share. With the purchase of your share, you are able to select from anything in our farm stand, from the fresh vegetables harvested every morning and fresh local fruits; to the lobsters caught off the shores of Cape Elizabeth. You are able to use your CSA how you want, looking for seafood on a Friday night stop in and pick some up. Need a carrot or two on Tuesday stop on by and grab what you need. Or you can opt to do all your shopping at any of our farmers markets. You decide how much to spend and when until your share is completed. 

How long do I have to spend my share?

You can begin using your share June 1, 2024, when the first vegetables are starting to be harvested. You then will have the next twenty-two weeks, to purchase vegetables, fruits, and seafood. All shares must be used up by October 31, 2024 Any unused share amount is NON-REFUNDABLE at the end of the season.

How Do I sign Up?

Simply click here Fill out the form and please mail your check to secure your spot. Or you can always stop by the farm any time and sign up. (After June 1 online registration is no longer available) 


Where can I pick up my vegetables?

When you sign up for your CSA/CSL we ask that you indicate your pick up location. Your options are, our farm stand in Cape Elizabeth, opened seven days a week, at the Portland Farmers Market in Monument Square and Deering Oaks, the South Portland Farmers Market, or at the Scarborough Farmers Market. We ask that you select one location as your primary pick up. Individuals who select a Farmers Market pick up are more than welcome to shop the Farm Stand as well.

What are the different size shares?

$100 - Garden Grower costing you $100.00 

$200 - Seafood Supporter costing you $180.00

$300 - Tractor Traveler costing you $270.00

$400 -  Farm Stand Friend costing you $360.00

$500 - Lobster Boat Lover costing you $450.00

Most shares come with a 10% discount on your dollar ! 


What if I have a large order?

If you have a need for a large number of vegetables or lobsters, we ask that you please give us a call at least one day ahead so that we may adequately harvest for the day.

Additional Questions?

Please call the Farm any time at 207-799-7743