A new under taking at Alewive's Brook Farm, oldest daughter Caitlin and youngest son Lincoln are taking a stab at farming for themselves. They duo have taken over a new field on the farm.

The brother - sister duo plan to work closely with their father, learning as much as they can to make their fields successful. Look for some of their products in the farm stand.   

2012 Update : The thirteenth generation of Jordan's, Caitlin and Lincoln will be expanding their fields by an additional six acres this season planting pumpkins, squash, and possible some potatoes and more. 

2013 Update:

Caitlin will be expand her operation to include a new raspberry field, growing garlic for the first time on the farm, and in honor of her sister Casey, Blue Potatoes. (Casey works for Jet Blue) Lincoln will be constructing a new venture of his own, the Herbal Dragon, he will be building a new herb house on the farm to begin following in Great Uncle Lester's foot steps and growing herbs. 

2016 Update:

Life certainly continues and updating websites is usually the bottom of the worry list. Going into the 2016 season, Lincoln and Caitlin have planted the herb garden, and will begin to build the greenhouse over the foundation the plants are planted it. Also Caitlin hopes to see her barn built on the Jordan Generation field. The duo continue to expand their Garlic operation, and for this season will be taking over with a new approach the sweet potato planting and harvesting. 

2018 Update:

We continue to learn everyday from our Father, we work hard year after year to grow the greatest quality, branching out to pumpkins and squash. Lincoln has also gone on to create the Herbal Dragon and has begun growing an array of fabulous Herbs.