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Dot Dot and So So stayed with us all winter, but in the early spring they moved on to a new farm, in Northern Maine with more geese and less people. 

Bennett and Sam both thoroughly enjoyed the high water levels of spring, putting their boat into Alewife Brook. 


The kids enjoy early spring Smore's and Bennett welcomes his new flock of chicks including two goslings, names Dot Dot and So So!


Bennett continued to enjoy the use of Sam's tractor. Strawberry Fest was a blast. Sam once again caught a giant lobster on the boat with his dad. 


Bennett and Jodie work all day long together, Sam and Emery plant potatoes, Bennett working in the barn and greenhouse, and deciding all the time he needs lobster for lunch! Bennett goes for his first boat ride, and Sam and Bennett "work" on their tractor to "fix it".



Perhaps the hardest worker on the farm, Sam does it all, puts the flag out, works in the tunnel, plants and washes the veggies. Bennett is right behind him every step of the way. 

Sam caught a giant lobster, while on the boat with his dad. 

Sam and Bennett every year, this was the best year for them. 

2013 The New Help

Bennett Rideout joined the farm family and added new joy to the day to day tasks around the farm

They are all growing so fast and growing on Great Uncle Jodie

Farmer Sam opened up his own Farm Stand to compete with Great Uncle Jodie 

The start of the multi -stepped process of expanding the farm for the next generation, new hoop house.

2012 came and went so fast we never got the website updated

Life in 2011

Life on the farm continues through all seasons, young Sam enjoys his "off season" with a little snow shoeing through the fields.


The chickens enjoy the same amount of quality time with the kids all winter long!!

The greenhouse is filling up fast.

Jodies's greenhouse helpers!

Lincoln restocks the wood pile in the Spring after a long cold Winter


New road signs are finally finished and hung, amazing painting done all in house by Casey Jordan

Onions growing in the new greenhouse!  Just short of 10,000 onions planted this season

                        Great Uncle Jodie's Greenhouse Helpers

The Patricia Ann beached at Kettle Cove for a little Spring Cleaning

Everybody hard at work on Farm Clean Up Day

Preparing the fields to plant Peas, Carrots, Beetgreens, and Lettuce

2009 and Eariler


Our BackYard


Moving Waterpipe


It's a family thing

  Starting them Young

                   Taking care of the Chickens

                               Many veggies start in the greenhouse

                                    New Additions to the Farm